plural noun: dreams

Meaning: a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.

Example: "Dreamstrokes values and takes into consideration all aspects of a dream wedding that their bride has ever imagined"




plural noun: strokes

Meaning: a mark made by drawing a pen, pencil, or paintbrush in one direction across paper or canvas.

Example: "Dreamstrokes has been painting a bride's dream wedding into reality, one stroke at a time"

About us

Based in Hegdenagar Bangalore, Dreamstrokes®  designs & executes your special day. From intimate wedding, social gatherings, naming ceremonies, birthdays to ‘big fat wedding’, we customise everything.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a promising wedding decorator in the city. We have been retaining a strong presence in various wedding venues of Bangalore, especially around the North for over 5 years now. We have undertaken more than 500 wedding décor and over 30 full wedding planning orders in Bangalore

We have been highly appreciated by our customers for our design recommendation skills, ease of communication and the overall delivery quality. Involving us as part of your wedding is an assurance that you are in safe hands.  Check out our Testimonials


Shivani Gupta (Lead Event Planner)

With a degree in Event Management and advanced study in wedding planning, Shivani has worked in the hospitality industry for several years. She is a great blend of good sense and creativity. She loves her job and goes all out to see her couple happy.

Supriya Gangadhara (Lead Event Planner)

Driven by a deep passion for the art and a vision to go beyond the mainstream, Supriya strives to ensure the best of services and an absolute satisfaction for the clients. 

 Kunal Kalra (Lead Event Planner)

Kunal goes all out in creating an experience that you shall cherish for a lifetime. With an eye to details, this lad ensures perfection in delivery, even if it means bugging his own team on-site! 

Sandesh L (Associate Event Planner)

Sandesh comes with a background in spatial design and is an expert in providing conceptual designs. We have identified this youngster as an individual who will go places for his flawless execution of plans and would go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction 

Dilip Sunny (Associate Event Planner)

Having done a course in Event Management and the course being wedding centric, Dilip is well equipped with all the technicalities of an event; having this understanding of events, he always sees how to turn an event into an experience for everybody present at your event

Roshni Kalra(Social Media Lead)

All our engaging posts and stories on social media happens thanks to Roshni, our social media lead who is constantly working in the backend ensuring we remain connected with you for as long as possible. 

Siddharth Hegde (Owner)

An ambitious business owner, he aims to establish a self sustaining wedding decor business across multiple cities of Karnataka and is constantly working around strategies to make luxury wedding decor available for a bulk of his customer base!  An emotional man that he is, the best moments in this job for him are when his clients come to thank him for all the help that was extended by his team at Dreamstrokes®